omo phola

Real Name: Orgihator Phillip Oshoageme known by my stage name Omo Phola, born 23 April , he grew up in Lagos state high patrol barrack ikeja.  Born into a family of musicians with  his late father “Charles orgihator” as  his music teacher, his mother and uncle Christopher were musicians. Some artists would say they chose  music but for Omo Phola, music chose  him and made it hard for him to ignore its calling. From his childhood when he  attended Abebe Primary school he would spend time with his mother and he was inspired by the way she would express herself through singing a song which fueled his passion for music. His Stage name “Omo Phola” aka boiphill baby super star came from a fusion of his names and his fathers name

He describes his sound as afro pop with a fusion of hip pop and a  dash of dance hall as his songs always have a message of hope 

and love which has always been his dream to touch people and share stories through his music. He is currently living and growing his fan base in South Africa with hopes of opening his own record label someday, he worked with some of the talented musicians ln Africa like Kevin Riss former manager of late Mandoza and the award winning kwaito 2019 Revival Gag , Stama bajjuni Tanzania, Elcee Gweja Zimbabwe, DJ Kpo kpo kpo and giverboi. He will be releasing a lot of new music starting with his single titled My Zulu baby and Orobo party which make he to take a radio to umhlobo wenene fm, Alexfm channel Africa, metrofm,massive metro radio, 1912 Rado and village radio People who influence his music in south Africa is DJ Tira, he loves his sound and style and in Nigeria he looks up to fela kuti and 2face