Now, better known by his stage name, YEZZIAH is a hip-hop artist, born 2000, April 10 & based in Johannesburg, South Africa heading up his corporation DROPHEAT studios which is a mother entity of music & fashion divisions that intend on innovating & creating influential products in the Hip Hop culture.

He started seriously making music back in 2014 & released his first mixtape in 2016, which was a 6 track tape remixing some of the best songs in the industry.

YEZZIAH’s music could be described as authentic or as he likes to say “commercially conscious.”
He’s ability to infuse intense lyricism on commercial instrumentals is what seperates him from the boys. He’s recognized and respected by solidified names in the game.

YEZZIAH has worked with multiple, like minded & talented artists such as KiD Platto, Jay Paris, BPM Extended Play, R.A.S, Caleb Williams, J Prez
Kenneth English, CXDY, Xavier Hendricks, Taylor King & Young Taylor, just to name a few.

With an undisputedly fire EP, VII, available on all major streaming platforms, it’s only justice that we are to expect a lot from the young & ready visionary, song-writer, rapper, performer & overall package of talent.